Friday, 8 July 2016

13 Bookish Facts About Me

I share a lot about myself on the internet, but I never outrightly speak about bookish things I do/think/say. Most of the time I tell you what I think about books and what books I want to read, but there is not one post or video where you can find some facts about me in one place. This post is going to change that.

1. Historical fiction and contemporary books are my jam. The books I read mostly fall in these two genres.

2. I'm trying to broaden my horizons by picking books I normally wouldn't read or wouldn't have even looked at. An example of this is a full-on romance book I'm currently reading.

3. Reading challenges give me structure in my monthly reading. I have a hard time picking books on the go which is why I am always participating in one reading challenge or another. I have a TBR jar (which I don't use all that often anymore) and I'm participating in an 18-week challenge on one of my Goodreads groups.

4. A publisher recently contacted me for the first time and I got my first physical review copy! I was stoked when I received it and I still cannot comprehend.

5. Illuminae is my favourite book so far this year.

6. My first buddyread was back in May when I read The Knife of Never Letting Go. Since then, I have created a video where I talk about the books I want to buddyread and a lot more buddyreads were scheduled in. I'm buddyreading The Dream Thieves now.

7. eBooks are my preferred format.

8. Library visits are something I genuinely look forward to.

9. I get really excited when someone takes an interest in my reading. No one around me actually read, so it feels really good when someone asks what I'm reading or what's on my shelf.

10. I've read 93 books so far this year. It's more than I ever read before.

11. My average amount of books read in a month is 14.

12. I roleplay a TV show with my best friend in a shared document on Google Docs. It's really cliché. We're writing as ourselves in a medieval setting with out preferred love interests from the show.

13. Talking about books makes me think about what I like or don't like about them. I feel like it does help me in my studies as well, because I learn with every book I read how to convey my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

These were some bookish facts about me. I probably have a lot more that I have a hard time thinking of now, but maybe I'll do a part two in the future. What are some bookish facts about you?

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