Thursday, 21 May 2015

Reading More Diversely #1: Indie Authors

Reading More Diversely is an original monthly feature on Charlie Book Fanatic. (That's me!) 

This feature is supposed to be a monthly reading challenge for myself. In this series of posts I will list 5 books/authors that have to do with diversity relating to the subject I chose for that month. In the month following the post I will try to read all of these books/authors. In the next post I will do some mini reviews of the books I read.

The ultimate goal is to look back at the end of the year and to see I have read more diversely. The definition of diversity is different for everyone. For me it is all kinds of things: Books with characters that have mental health issues, that are LGBTQ, that are of colour, switching it up with male/female perspective. The same goes for the authors. 

I do realise lots of people have already touched on this subject, but I never took it seriously. Now, I do and I want to actively expand my horizons and meanwhile maybe motivate other people to do the same with me. 

To go back to the subject of this month; Indie authors. Another term people fill in differently. What I mean by indie authors, are authors who publish their books outside of 'mainstream' publishing. To specify: Outside of the Big Five and other major publishing houses. 

This month I decided to pick 5 books that look interesting to me. So let us dive straight in.


Title: A French Girl in New York
Author: Anna Adams
Series: The French Girl #1
Publisher: Smashwords
First Publication: 2012
Genre: Young adult romance
Synopsis: One day in Paris, Maude Laurent is discovered by an American music producer who takes her to New York to live with him and his close-knit family while producing her first album, with help from teen pop star, Matt. 
Goodreads Amazon

Title: Girl, Conflicted
Author: Sasha Lane
Series: Girl #1
Publisher: Smashwords
First Publication: March 8th 2015
Genre: Chick lit 
Synopsis: On a night out with friends Emma meets a cute guy, Johnny,  who easily charms her drunk into bed. But Johnny isn't all he seems, and  Emma's mistake could cost her everything.

Title: The Fickleness of Love
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Smashwords
First Publication: May 7th 2015
Genre: Poetry
Synopsis: Short love poems/writings from the view point of a poet. This book is based on love and romance wrote in a fictional style.
Goodreads | Smashwords

Title: What Is War?
thor: G. Lowell Tollefson 
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Smashwords
First Publication: April 3rd 2015
Genre: Political 
Synopsis: What Is War? uses an innovative combination of story and discussion to expands our understanding of the moral dilemmas inherent in the act of war, on both the personal and national level.

Title: Two Old Strangers: A Short Play
Author: Ernest Kinnie
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Smashwords
First Publication: April 21st 2015
Genre: Screenplay
Synopsis: Susan and Sammy run away from the elderly home but a cop comes by and recognizes them from a Missing Persons Bulletin. He’s a nice guy and gives them a couple of hours together before taking them back. Sammy finds a way for them to go home.

I picked all of these books by casual browsing on Smashwords. I do not know anything about these authors or their books. The picks are all quite short as well, so it will be easier to give all of them a try. My wrap up of mini reviews will be posted somewhere next month. It could be a combined post with the new challenge of the month but it may be a separate post. I really hope I will not be disappointed by these books. 

Smashwords is an independent ebook service. Everyone can submit their own books. All of the books I picked are free on Smashwords, with the exception of A French Girl in New York. 

Would you pick some random books, you have never heard of, to read?

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  1. I love that you are venturing out and trying new books! I really need to make an effort to read more indie books, too. I think it is because they are a little harder to come by-they are rarely at the library or the conventional book store so that's a great tip about smashwords!